This 60' dome was built in the early 90's at the Gavilan Ranch Resort in New Mexico. First the concrete slab floor was poured and leveled. Then the precut EconOdome frame kit was bolted to the perimeter of the concrete slab. The entire frame assembly and exterior covering and sealing process took just one month with three people working on most days.

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Similar large 60 foot diameter domes were built at Predator World in Branson, Missouri, a tourist destination. See under construction photos of the Predator World domes below.

First the domes were framed and covered with plywood panels.

Then the domes were insulated and sealed with spray on foam and elastomeric paint.

The 2x6 Econ-O-Dome framework was stained to contrast with the white triangle panels.
All painting and staining was done before assembly of the structure.

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