A "FULLER" Explanation & What Now?
New Dome Building Technology

It is possible to build a home for about $30 per square foot.
How is this done?
It happens by using a straightforward building process
that includes step-by-step instructions and hired by-the-hour help.
Basically, we're talking about using the precision-crafted
EconOdome frame kit that eliminates difficult construction processes.
The EconOdome building is easily enclosed, one level at a time,
as you climb down the EconOdome building frame.
This makes building with an EconOdome kit a fun process!
And, something any able bodied person can enjoy!

The EconOdome building frame has been modified
on the lower perimeter to have vertical surfaces.
These "vertical trapezoids" make it very easy to install
conventional doors and conventional windows.
And, you can attach walls to the vertical trapezoids both inside and outside.
The vertical trapezoids also make it easier to install the ledger board
that supports the second-story loft floor inside the building.

Dimensioned drawings and precision-cut framing are supplied
by Faze Change Produx for all exterior doors, windows, and skylights.
We supply you with dimensioned drawings for windows, skylights,
and exterior doors, so, that you may order and have these items,
when you are ready to install them.
The Econ-O-Dome building has ten equal-in-length sides
to make building the foundation floor an easy matter.

In order to create an easy to build home,
the difficult jobs in the construction process need to be eliminated.
That is why the EconOdome kit components are small and lightweight.
Covering and sealing the surface from the top-down is much easier than trying
to put shingles on a roof surface when you have no place to stand while working.
Now you know why we call it the Econ-O-Dome.

Enclosing your dome can be accomplished two ways.
You may cut your triangular panels "on-site" using
locally purchased sheet material and our instructions.
Or, you can order EconOdome triangular panel kits from Faze Change Produx
to reduce construction time and on-site labor.

With economy foremost in mind we suggest considering building dome homes using Basic 2x4 construction. At one time it was necessary to use 2x6 and larger framing members (struts) to frame a dome roof truss. The EconOdome frame, however, has shorter and thus stronger struts. Sometimes larger framing members were used to build domes and other home shapes so that more insulation could be installed in the walls and roofs. Due to advances in insulation technology, you can have a "well insulated" home using 2x4 exterior frame construction. The exterior walls and roof do not need to be thicker if you install rigid foam insulation outside the building frame.

Also, you may not be fully aware that plywood is nailed on the entire exterior of nearly all homes in order to make the building rigid and stable. Because an EconOdome building frame is formed by securing triangles at their endpoints with screws, and also, by holding the building secure with stainless steel metal straps and high tension strength wires --plywood to brace the EconOdome building frame--is not necessary!

The triangles form interlocking arches, more triangles are integrated into the framing of the riser walls, and criss-crossed metal straps and wires hold the building secure in high winds, deep snows, and earthquakes. We advocate installing durable cement composite cladding on the exterior over one inch of rigid insulation board. If you wish to make your exterior shell any thicker, for whatever reason, you can install thicker composite cement, or, multiple layers of composite cement. You see, the EconOdome exterior is very similar to an egg shell, only due to the stout, integrated, and, triangulated framing, plus, the metal connectors, the dome building cannot crack, it is strong and resiliant in the most severe of natural disasters.

The EconOdome building frame is comprised of triangles formed with precision cut lumber, and, held secure with metal screws, straps, and wires. The EconOdome building is also clad on the exterior with UL approved DensDeck Prime Roof Board. DensDeck Prime Roof Board is approved to punctured and fire resistant. DensDeck Prime Roof Board is also designed to bond tenaciously with many types of waterproofing systems that are most often used to waterproof expensive commercial buildings. Due to this unique combination of materials and construction methods many proven waterproofing methods may be used to reliably seal the surface. One sealing alternative is called the "saturated seal". This proven method of sealing basically involves brushing an elastomeric sealer under and over seam tape that is applied over all seams and nail/screw penetrations. This method converts all seams (where panel edges meet) to virtually invisible sealed expansion joints. The only possible location for a leak on an elastomeric covered composite cement surface would be via the seams or nail/screw penetrations. If these locations are bridged with a saturated and stretchy polyester cloth tape, then the building will be waterproof. Waterbase, non-toxic elastomerics bond tenaciously with the woven fiberglass matt surface on DensDeck Prime Roof Board. The surface of the building can be covered and sealed while standing on the sturdy EconOdome framework. You will be making an expanding umbrella that will keep your building materials dry during construction. Recoating using paint rollers on poles, about once every ten years, is a weekend project for two people. No prep work is required. The exterior surface actually gets thicker and better with age. Shingles do not need to be torn off and go to a landfill.

Step-by-step instructions are detailed in our EconOdome Building Manual.
At-length phone consultation is always available during office hours
on our Toll Free # 1-888-DOME-LUV.
We want to ensure that your new dome home is designed as you want it.
We want to help you to build your home economically with local hired help.
The EconOdome kit is designed to be assembled and completed by anyone
that is capable of climbing a ladder, reading instructions, and using a phone.

We at Faze Change Produx have spent 25 years developing
the EconOdome frame kit and building methods that will help to make
your completed dome home easy to build, economical, and elegant.
None of the building methods that we recommend require using any special skills
or equipment that are not possessed by a local neighborhood handyman.
The EconOdome kit design begins with the end in mind.

First of all, we would like you to make the choice between
the "Basic" frame kit and the "T-Beam" frame kit based upon design appeal.
If you want a domed ceiling that has a clean, sculpted look,
then you would choose the "Basic" frame kit.
Our "Basic" frame kit is recommended if extreme strength in high winds
and deep snows is your major concern.
All "Basic" frame kits have blocking spaced at 16 inches within all the triangles.
The interior is completely insulated and sheetrocked from the inside after
the building is enclosed with the "Basic" EconOdome frame kit.

If, you really like the woodsey look of precison cut wood trim on the interior,
then order our "T-Beam" frame kits with interior wood trim attached.
The interior ceiling, with our "T-Beam" kit is a true "work of art"
and craftsmanship made possible by technology.
The pre-cut wood trim that is part of the "T-Beam" frame kit creates
a triangular pattern on the ceiling contrasting against the painted wall surface.

Once you have decided on the type of EconOdome kit that you wish to have,
there is, of course, the decision of size.
Most people choose the 38.5 foot diameter dome home
as it can be made into a rather spacious 2-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home
with about 2,000 sq.ft. of living space.
A more compact 2-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with about 1,400 sq.ft. can be
built with our 30 foot diameter EconOdome frame kit.
We also standardly manufacture 2 smaller sizes and two larger size dome kits.
You may want to look at floorplans on this website or in our manual.
Also, you may want to arrange to visit a dome home
that has already been built with an EconOdome frame kit?

What Do I do Now?

The 200+ page EconOdome Planning and Building Manual contains
plans and information to help you with planning, ideas, and building techniques.

If you are serious about building a new home with an EconOdome frame kit,
you will want to order a copy of the Econ-O-Dome Manual.
You can order the EconOdome manual and stock plan set
with a credit card from a secure PayPal website.
The link to the secure PayPal website is on our home page.
Our featured stock plan set plan set is CAD drawn and printed on 11"x17" sheets.
Our manual includes a detailed and illustrated 50 page construction guide
written specifically to assist with turn-key completion of a 2-story dome home
with an attached 2-story, 2-car dome shaped garage.

We call our featured plan, The Honeycomb Home Design and Floorplan

If you wish us to draw a complete professional custom plan set for you,
using your ideas and sketches,
we charge one dollar per square foot for a complete detailed customized plan set.
A 50% deposit is required to begin the custom home design process.
Please use the Plans Argeement form when mailing a custom plans deposit check.
The "Plans Agreement" form is printed in our manual
or contact our office, if you wish to receive a copy.
We do recommend that you order the EconOdome Manual + Plan Set,
even if you desire custom plans, so you can use the Manual
and Plan Set for reference before and during the construction process.

If you have questions, please phone us at 1-888-DOME-LUV
Building a home is a "big deal."

Planning ensures that the outcome will be the best it can be.

Sincerely, Wil Fidroeff--Owner/Designer/Consultant--aka Dr. Dome

Prior to the advent of the internet (and websites) Faze Change Produx participated at
27 different trade shows across the USA.
The photos above show domes that were erected at two of those trade shows.

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