EconOdome Frame Kit Types:
the "Basic" frame kit and the "T-Beam" frame kit

Pre-cut EconOdome frame and triangle panel kits are designed
to be assembled by any able bodied person,
with or without prior construction experience.
Building a new dome home with EconOdome kits and hiring local people
to assist you on a by-the-hour basis can save you a lot of money.

We now standardly manufacture two types of EconOdome frame kits.
Choose an EconOdome frame kit type
depending on your tastes, budget, and climate requirements.
Our Basic EconOdome frame kit is the strongest
and most economical of our two standard frame kit types.
However, the EconOdome T-Beam(also very strong)
eliminates overhead interior finish work and
creates a beautiful ceiling
with exposed trim making awesome triangle patterning.
Choose any of 6 standard size diameter EconOdome frame kits
depending on your needs and budget.
Each standard size optimizes the use of 4'x 8' sheets (minimizes scrap).

The Basic EconOdome 2x6 frame kit.
The Basic frame kit includes 2x6 precut blocking within each triangle.
The Basic frame kit includes
pre-assembled trapezoids and pre-assembled skylight framing.
The Basic frame kit is designed to have sheetrock installed
after the dome is enclosed and waterproofed.
You may use fiberglass batt insulation or
site installed blow-in insulation that hardens after being sprayed.
The Basic frame kit is designed for those people who
wish to have the smooth sculpted look of sheetrock on the interior.
Many people choose the Basic frame kit when they want
to have as many rooms as possible upstairs. Both frame kit types include all
necessary metal connectors to assemble and secure the dome framework.
As EconOdomes built with Basic frame kits include blocking within the triangles
and because the struts are fairly short and very stout,
you may wish to consider building with a more economical "all 2x4"
EconOdome frame kit (more insulation can be placed outside the building frame).
FYI: Insulation sheeting outside the building frame is more effective
and, easier to install than insulation sheeting between the framing members.
2x4 Basic EconOdome frame kits cost 25% than 2x6 Basic EconOdome frame kits.

The EconOdome T-Beam frame kit
is made by first attaching two boards together lengthwise.
This straightens both boards and makes a strong laminated T-Beam.
Then the T-Beam struts are cut and drilled at the ends.
We round the edges on interior facing 2x4 trim and carefully sand all the trim.
The T-Beam frame kit is designed for those people who
wish to add a creative triangle pattern and a woodsy look to the interior
The T-Beam frame kit is also designed to eliminate up-side-down ceiling work.
The interior face of the triangular panels may be finished with
sheetrock, paneling, wood boards, acoustical material, or upholstry.
The exposed 2x4 interior trim supports triangle panels layed in place from above
just before the exterior facing triangle panels
are attached to the outside of the EconOdome framework.
The interior facing 2x4 trim on the T-Beam forms a ledge to support tri-panels.
The T-Beam trim starts just above the loft floor level.
The interior side of the exterior walls below the loft level
are sheetrocked from the interior around the doors and windows.

This is a photo of a 38.5 foot diameter EconOdome 2x6 T-Beam frame kit.
Pre-assembled trapezoids and riser walls include framed door and window openings.
All struts at the loft level have routered and sanded 2x4 interior trim pre-attached.
We have found that it is better and more energy efficient
to put more insulation outside the building frame.
So, we recommend that you consider building with
the more economical "all 2x4" T-Beam frame kit which
costs 15% less than a T-Beam frame kit made with 2x6's and 2x4's.
Pre-assembled conventional skylight framing is shown in the foreground.
Pre-cut rectangular frames for conventional skylights are supplied
with all EconOdome frame kits at no extra cost.
You are encouraged to discuss frame kit types and options by
e-mail anytime or by phone --toll free-- at 1-888-DOME-LUV.

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Connecting hardware is included with all type frame kits:
High tech stainless steel screws and stainless steel metal straps.
All structural components are predrilled for connecting screws.
Our Basic and T-Beam frame kits are
manufactured from #1 kiln dried 2x4 Southern Pine lumber.
We offer pre-cut exterior panel kits of various designs to accomodate
more insulation and/or a ventilation space.
We have found that adding rigid insulation outside the sheathing helps
to inhibit moisture and mold problemes due to condensation issues.
Our standard exterior panel kits consist of 130 pre-cut triangles made with
1/2 inch thick cdx plywood and 130 pre-cut triangles made with 1/2 inch thick DensDeck
Prime Roof Guard and three inches of R-20 insulation board
glued underneath the DensDeck Prime Roof Guard by Georgia Pacific.
We supply pre-cut panels for all 130 triangular sloping surfaces.
All standard pre-cut exterior triangle panel kits are supplied with
screws and washer to attach the triangle panels.

Our pre-cut interior triangles panel kit is designed for our T-Beam frame kit only.
The interior panel kit consists of three inch thick rigid insulation
laminated to 1/2 inch thick gypsum wallboard.
The sheetrock seam, if any, is butted with sheetrock tapered edges together
so you can easily create an excellent finish on the flat triangular surfaces.
The total R value for the T-Beam insulated panel assembly is aproximately R-40.
If you desire a more highly insulated dome home,
we can furnish you with pre-cut exterior triangle panels made with thicker insulation.

If you order a "Basic" frame kit, directions for interior sheetrock panel cutting
are in the EconOdome Planning and Building Manual.

Shown below are photos of a 2x6 Basic 30' EconOdome frame kit.

A, B, C1 and C2 struts--tweaker above left                       Skylight frames and typical  trapezoid

Corner posts, blocking, and connectors                      D1, D2, E, and F struts

Exterior insulated triangle panels with 3" R-20  insulation laminated to DensDeck Prime Roof Guard.

2x6 perimeter walls with bracing are joined with ripped to fit 4x6 corner posts.
The ten perimeter walls are identical in width and may be different heights
depending upon the dome design, however, the internal 45 degree bracing
and the solid 4x4 or 4x6 ripped to fit corner posts make the building very strong.

Layers of OSB sheeting + spacers
form a ventilation space under the siding and roofing
and outside uninterupted layers of
The exterior of the dome roof can also be covered
with either conventional shingles or with large lapping TPO shingles.

TPO shingles are mechanically attached
with HDG ring shank nails and/or
fully adhered with contact glue.
The overlaps are molecularly bonded
by fusing/melting with a heat gun & small roller.

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