Precision Double Compound Miter Cut
Kit Prices

1. The more economical EconOdome "Basic" frame kit
is manufactured with either 2x6 or 2x4 lumber.
The Basic frame kit type includes cut-to-fit blocking within each triangle.
The blocking provides additional support for triangular panels.
The Basic frame kit also includes pre-assembled vertical trapezoids.
There are ten vertical trapezoids between ten triangles on the lower perimeter.
The vertical trapezoids allow for the framing of doors and windows.
Our "Basic" EconOdome frame kit is ideal for those who wish to have
the smooth sculpted look of painted sheetrock on the interior.

2. The EconOdome "T-Beam" frame kit when assembled supports both
exterior facing and interior facing triangular panels.
You might say that T-Beam frame kit uses the force of gravity to help you.
Similar to the way a suspended ceiling holds rectangular tiles in a commercial building.
However, the T-Beam frame kit supports both the interior and exterior triangular panels

Each T-Beam strut is comprised of two boards joined lengthwise.
The flat side of a sanded and routered 2x4 faces to the inside of the dome ceiling.
The other length of lumber (not the trim) can be either a 2x6 or a 2x4.
The T-Beams are cut on the ends with double compound angles forming struts.
The "T-Beam" frame kit type also includes pre-fabricated vertical trapezoids
on the lower perimeter with an interconnected triangulated T-Beam lattice above.
The T-Beam frame kit is designed for those who wish to create a beautiful
patterned ceiling and add a woodsy look to the interior of their dome home.
The "T-Beam" frame kit allows easier completion of the exterior shell
by eliminating the need to work upside down on the interior of the dome ceiling.
Interior facing triangular panels are held in place by an
attractive three dimensional triangulated lattice of exposed 2x4 wood trim.

*Choose only one of two available EconOdome frame kit types, Basic or T-Beam.
*Then choose either 2x6 or 2x4 construction.
Note: All 2x4 EconOdome T-Beam construction was used effectively in the Arctic.
      Insulation sheeting installed outside the building frame       is more effective as it also insulates the building frame.
*All EconOdome frame kit types are cut from #1 select kiln dried structural grade
Southern Pine lumber. The upper part of the T-Beam frame kit
consists of struts made by attaching two boards together lengthwise.
This manufacturing procedure straightens both boards and creates a very strong T-Beam.
*All frame kit parts are pre-drilled for special non-splitting screws
that stitch all connections securely.
*All necessary connecting screws and stainless steel metal straps
are included with every frame kit.
*All frame kit types include door and window framing within
ten pre-assembled trapezoids that will stand vertically at the lower perimeter.
*Optional perimeter riser walls are required for most dome home sizes and designs.
The height of your riser wall will vary depending upon your dome size and design.
Please consult your plans or our office to determine your riser wall height.
*Extensions, to accomodate conventional doors and windows are not necessary.
*Attractive and functional optional canopies may be added over doors and windows.
*All custom skylight framing within triangles is included at no extra cost.
*With both frame kit types: optional pre-cut exterior panels are available.
*Both frame kit types employ methods to avoid condensation and mold issues.
*Optional pre-cut sheetrock and insulated triangular interior panels
are available for the T-Beam frame kit only.
*We encourage you to save money by cutting your own triangle shaped panels.
*We will supply you with free detailed instructions on
how to efficiently cut triangle panels for any size EconOdome frame kit.
Please contact our office via email or phone if you have any questions.

Following Prices effective thru December 31, 2019

Frame Kit

24 feet

30 feet

38.5 feet

48 feet

56 feet






Frame Kit
2x6 or 2x4

$7K or $5,250

$9K or $6,750

$11K or $8,250

$14K or $10,500

$18K or $13,500
OR T-Beam
Frame Kit
2x6 or all 2x4

$10K or $8,500

$12K or $10,200

$16K or $13,600

$24K or $20,400

$32K or $27,200
130 PreCut R23
**Panels + *TPOshingles

$3K + $3K

$5K + $4K

$6K + $5K

$12K + $7K

$18K + $10K
120 R30 or R20
Interior Panels
T-Beam Kits Only
2x6 or 2x4
$4K or $3K

$7K or $5K

$8K or $6K

$16K or $12K

$24K or $16K

**Optional 130 Pre-Cut R-23 Exterior Triangle Panels Kit for both frame kit types
Includes two 1.5" layers of R-10 insulation laminated under
ventilated exterior sheathing made with two layers of OSB and OSB spacers.

*The 130 pre-cut lapping triangular TPO shingles with rounded corners are
cut from 60mil SureWeld TPO manufactured by Carlisle.
If you order both the exterior R-23 ventilated triangle panels & the TPO shingles,
the 130 large lapping TPO shingles are glued to the exterior panels at the factory.
On the job site, the TPO shingles will be melted together at the laps using a
digital heat gun and a two inch wide heat tolerant silicone roller.
This roofing process makes a durable, waterproof and wind tolerant exterior surface.
TPO shingles are available in three colors: white, tan, & gray.

The 120 Pre-Cut Interior Triangle Panels Kit are for T-Beam frame kit only.
The Interior Tri-Panels include two laminated layers of 1.5" insulation + 1/2in. sheetrock
Total R-Value for the all 2x4 T-Beam Roof Section is R-43.
Total R-Value for the 2x6 T-Beam Roof Section is R-53.

**A ventilation space (advisable for all climates) just under the exterior surface
of the exterior triangle panels is necessary so that the exterior is repairable
following a storm. Also the ventilation space keeps your home cooler in the summer.
The ventilation space is created by installing OSB spacers between two layers of OSB.
We want ensure that your dome home is designed to be durable and repairable.

We call our Faze Change Produx, "EconOdome Kits" for a reason.
We include design inovations as we want dome homes
built with EconOdome Kits to be very popular in the future.
And we want EconOdome Kits to help you build an awesome dome home right now.

Another design inovation by Faze Change Produx
is a new type of EconOdome frame kit
that is called, the "Loft Ledge" frame kit.
The "Basic Loft Ledge" frame kit includes ten pre-fabbed 2x6 riser wall
and ten pre-fabbed 2x6 vertical trapezoids that align with the 2x6 riser walls
Also included are all the pre-cut strut and blocking components
that are used to complete the top of the EconOdome frame kit, made with 2x4 lumber.
So, the lowest two dome levels are made with 2x6 lumber, and,
the top of the dome is framed 2x4 lumber.
And as, all the precison cut framing is flush at the exterior,
A "Level Loft Ledge" is created because 2x6 lumber is thicker than 2x4 lumber.
And this two inch wide "Level Ledge" can be used to support the second story loft level.
This inovative feature allows you to more easily construct a loft level within a dome.

The "T-Beam" Loft Ledge frame kit + the necessary 120 interior facing triangle panels
cost $11,000 (38.5' dia. size) more than the kits necessary
to enclose and seal a "Basic" Loft Ledge frame kit
than a "Basic Loft Ledge" frame kit.
With a T-Beam Loft Ledge frame kit you will also need
120 precut & laminated interior facing R-20 sheetrocked triangle panels.
With a Basic Loft Ledge frame kit you would need to insulate and sheetrock the dome ceiling
after the building is enclosed and sealed. We do not supply precut sheetrock and insulation
for the Basic Loft Ledge frame kit that would need to be purchased and installed after
the dome structure is enclosed.
Due to egress code requirement the "Loft Ledge" frame kit is available
for the three largest sizes only.
The Loft Ledge kit includes the perimeter riser walls.
As the ceiling heights and kit types and kit sizes are variable,
please contact our office for exact pricing of the Loft Ledge frame kit.

EconOdome Kits necessary
to both enclose and create a beautiful exposed wood dome ceiling
with the 38.5'dia. T-Beam Loft Ledge Kit
Include the following:
38.5' diameter EconOdome Loft Ledge frame kit
with ten pre-assembled 2x6 perimeter customized* riser walls
and ten customized* 2x6 vertical trapezoids
including rounded edge routering and sanding of all exposed 2x4 trim
(exposed 2x4 trim is attached to struts with glue and screws at factory)
+ pre-assembled customized** skylight frames
+ stainless steel screws, nails and metal straps required for assembly
+ 120 interior facing insulated (R-20) and sheetrocked (unpainted) triangle panels
+ 130 exterior facing insulated (R-20) and ventilated*** triangle panels
Exterior panels are pre-drilled at factory for 6" screws per section detail.
+ 130 pre-cut 60mil SureWeld TPO triangluar shingles with rounded corners
+ TPO shingles are glued to the exterior triangle panels at the factory.
.....The total cost for all the 38.5'dia. T-Beam Loft Ledge Kits
necessary to enclose and complete the dome ceiling on the interior is $32,000
*All perimeter riser walls and trapezoids are customized to include
framing for all desired framed openings for doors and windows per plans.
**All desired custom frames for skylights are included with EconOdome frame kits.
***Ventilation of exterior triangle panels is acheived by
gluing spacers between two layers of exterior sheathing.
Ventilated exterior sheathing inhibits mold growth.

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