Free Offer and EconOdome Features

    Do you want a single story or a two story round home?
We manufacture six optimal (mimimal waste) sizes of our EconOdome kit. We also manufacture 2 sizes of our DecaHome kit (38.5 and 45 feet in diameter).  The EconOdome has a dome shaped roof. The DecaHome has a pyramid shaped roof.  The EconOdome is most often built as a two-story home within the space defined by a short ten-sided riser wall, and, the Econ-O-Dome frame kit. The DecaHome may be built as a single story home with ten standard height perimeter walls supporting the DecaHome roof frame kit. To build a two story DecaHome, a complete second floor and a second set of ten walls must be built, to lift and support the DecaHome pyramid roof kit.

    How would you like the interior of your ten-sided round home to be arranged?
If you can briefly describe what you want in a floorplan,
we can then send a "free copy of YOUR floorplan" to you that is close to what you desire.
We have many floorplans already drawn.
The floorplan we send you can then be revised to be exactly the way you want it to be.
We will send your revisable floorplan as a PDF file.

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Features of EconOdome Building Kits

* The EconOdome frame kit is assembled above an easy-to-build floor with ten equal-in-length sides.
* With an EconOdome Drop-In-Panel/T-Beam kit, your building is automatically finished inside and outside (and insulated) as you install panels while climbing down the sturdy geodesic framework.
* Difficult interior finishing work is minimized with EconOdome T-Beam / Drop-In-Panel Building System.
* Precision cut frames for all geometric and rectangular skylights are included "free" with all EconOdome frame kits.
* Easy installation of conventional doors and windows into vertical surfaces at perimeter of EconOdome building frame kit.
* Easy installation of 2nd floor 2x8 ledger.
* Choice of 6 optimum Econ-O-Dome building sizes.
* Choice of 2 types of EconOdome frame kits: T-Beam, Basic 2x6.
* Choice of 12 standard colors for your final coat of exterior sealing elastomeric paint.
* The EconOdome Planning and Building Manual includes a stock plan set plus an illustrated step-by-step construction guide. Materials to be used are listed on the plan set.
* Faze Change Produx can supply you with building materials not available locally, however, the EconOdome building system is designed to use commonly available materials.
* Designed for easy assembly & completion by both skilled and unskilled workers.
* Sizes of EconOdome frame kits and blocking layout are optimized to use a minimum number of standard 4ft x 8ft sheets (waste is minimized). You may cut the triangular panels yourself with our instructions, or, order the precut triangular panels from Faze Change Produx.
* The EconOdome precision cut-to-fit frame kit stacks compactly and is economical to ship. We normally ship via a local trucking company, Griffith Trucking, or, you may pick your kit up with a rental truck at our facilities in Sullivan, Illinois.
* The EconOdome exterior shell may be waterproofed with ordinary 3-tab shingles.
* However, we recommend considering the use of proven commercial waterproofing systems.
One such sealing system involves using "paint on" elastomeric sealing products.
Using "paint on" elastomeric products from is described below.
All seams and fasteners are first covered with a polyester cloth tape that is bonded and
sealed to the exterior surface when "saturated" with Vap-R-Lok an elastomeric saturant & primer.
Then the surface is roll primed and the seams are second coated with Vap-R-Lok saturant and primer.
The exterior surface is then texture coated by roll painting or spraying
another product #2200 from .
The third elastomeric coat is roll painted-on using a product called "White Plastic".
The final coat (fourth coat) is also roll painted-on using "White Plastic" that is tinted to your desired color.
A telescoping extension pole attached to the paint roller assists with the painting.
A rope attached to an eye bolt installed at the top of the dome will make the sealing process more safe.
Using this method allows you to sheet and seal the complete shell as you climb down the EconOdome building frame.
These elastomeric sealers must be applied when it is warm outside and when it is not raining.
The elastomeric "paint-on" sealing products will cure in a few hours depending on the temperature and humidity. Alternatively, TPO rubber sheeting may be attached and lapped over the triangles
with the seams melted together. TPO can be installed in cold weather.

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