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Above is a 38.5' diameter dome home, built on a boulder, being completed near San Diego, California in 2008.

Above is a double 38.5' dome home being built near Salem, Illinois in 2008.

Above are some photos of a double 30' diameter dome home built near Paso Robles, California.

And, now some under construction photos of a 30 foot diameter dome home
constructed in Michigan with an EconOdome (2x6 with 2x4 trim) T-Beam Frame Kit.
James and Jeannie Stevens built their dome home with the help of family and friends.

Here are some photos of a 38.5 foot diameter EconOdome T-Beam frame kit that was delivered to a remote site in Arizona. Mark and Denise Widfeldt are building their own home with help from friends who have also moved away from the "big city".

This 38.5 EconOdome frame kit will soon
transform into an alternative school in New Mexico

A rented scafolding is used to assemble
The Econ-O-Dome 2x6 T-Beam frame kit

Once the EconOdome frame kit is assembled,
the frame is secured with metal straps, then enclosed.

This kit was assembled above a rastra block riser wall.
Rastra block, stacked & filled with concrete,
is being used to add more rooms next to the dome.

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