A small five-sided dome cabin

This five sided cabin has an interior loft. The floor is built above treated telephone poles. Each of the five sides is 8 foot by 8 foot.

In order to build this building legally without a building permit in California, this building was built above pre-cast piers and boulders. After completion this building was moved to different locations on the resort property.

Also see a similar dome cabin built with EconOdome Kits
as a tiny home over 20 years ago and now being utilized as a
bed and breakfast mushroom cabin dome in Aptos, California.

Mushroom Dome Cabin: #1 on airbnb in Aptos

Small dome cabin located in Aptos, United States.
With a geodesic dome loft and a large deck in the trees,
you will feel like you are in an unique tree house.
Located in a quiet yet convenient location.
The perfect "check-in to check it out" destination for both
San Francisco Bay area residents and traveling future domies.
Cost of the 4v frame made with 2x4 struts is $4,000USD + shipping.
(as shown in photos with 160 triangles formed with 250 struts)

Vinyl faced insulation stapled on the outside of the frame before the exterior panels are nailed on, achieves a pillow effect on the finished interior.

This 14 foot diameter dome may be used as a hot tub cover.
The attractive frame may be screened, covered with plexiglass,
or overgrown with grape vines.
How would you use a small dome like this?

The photos above show a ten-sided building with a dome roof
having 40 triangles and resting on a gravel base.
Cost for the 2v dome roof frame with 40 triangles formed with 65 struts,
made with 2x4 lumber, and complete with plans for the entire building is $950.
Price includes blocking supports within each triangle plus
framing for five 14"x14" venting skylights.
Connectors for the dome roof are included.
Cost for pre-cut laminated triangle panels made with
plywood, 1.5" thick (R-10)insulation, plus exterior cladding
to cover the 40 triangles is $1,500.
Pre cut treated 2x6 lumber + 3/4" Advantech subflooring
for building the ground level floor
may be purchased as a kit costing $750.
Pre-cut 2x6 lumber plus 3/4" Advantech subflooring to frame and cover
the loft floor may be purchased as a kit costing $750.
10 Pre-cut and pre-assembled 2x4 perimeter walls + ripped to fit 4x4 corner posts
may be purchased as a kit costing $1,000.
10 Pre-cut sheets of T-111 siding to cover the exterior walls costs $500.
Cost for five venting skylights, one exterior outswinging lockable storm door,
and two 34"x48" dual pane lowE single hung windows is $1,000.
Cost of one precision crafted from 2x8 compact staircase with offset steps is $800.
Total cost of "complete" pre-cut 13' diameter EconOdome kit including all the above is $7,250.

In an effort to allow our customers
to choose colors and waterproofing methods and materials,
all waterproofing materials shall be purchased separately. Please email or phone wil to discuss options.
If you wish to save money by cutting most of the materials yourself, we will provide you with instructions.
Shipping of just the precision cut EconOdome frame kit as shown below is $500 to anywhere in the USA.

Shipping for the "complete" 13' EconOdome kit will vary between $900 and $1,800 depending on your location.
If you wish to order just the 13' EconOdome 2Z frame kit with 40 triangles, click "buy now" button below.
When you click on the link below, you will be asked to pay $975.
This $975 will cover the cost of the 50% deposit ($475) + $500 for shipping.
If you wish to order the complete 13' diameter EconOdome cabin kit,
please contact our office by phone.

If you wish to order the complete 13' diameter EconOdome cabin kit,
Or discuss the possible purchase of a larger 19' diameter EconOdome frame kit
please contact our office by phone or email.
The 19' EconOdome frame kit has 450sf and costs $1,900

In the interest of helping DIY people in remote locations
to build small 2V dome cabins completely by themselves, I,
Wil Fidroeff will act as a construction consultant/mentor
before and during the building of your "Do It Yourself" project.
This offer is only for custom dome cabins under 20 ft in diameter.
The cost for this unique DIY service is six hundred USA dollars.
This construction consultant service includes the cost of
all necessary construction details, drawings, and DIY directions.
To pay securely with credit card or PayPal account
Push the "Buy Now" button below these words. Thank You!

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