This 38.5' dome home was built for Michael Dixon and Karyn in Colorado.
They built with an EconOdome T-Beam frame kit, and, hired local help to assist them.
To speed things up on the job site Michael also purchased
a riser wall frame kit plus both interior and exterior pre-cut triangle panel kits.

Photos taken just after building was enclosed.

Soon the camper and porta potty will be history.

   .... The triangular panels up-high were installed from the outside.
The exposed wood was treated with linseed oil prior to assembly of the T-Beam kit. The area below the triangular panels is insulated and finished from the inside.

   .... The T-Beam kit design provides both a spaciousness and warmth to the dome home interior.

Hanging wires allow for later hook-up of light/fan fixtures and switches.

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