Custom Prefab Building Frame Kits

New Round and Dome Home Technology

We do the computing and compound cutting for you.

See exterior elevation and floorplan drawings below.

The ten sided "DecaHome" with a pyramid roof.
Photo above shows a partially assembled 38.5 ft. dia.
"DecaHome roof frame kit".
The DecaHome with has ten identical perimeter exterior walls.
The "one size" DecaHome roof frame kit
accomodates both 12ft. and 14ft. perimeter walls.
A DecaHome having a diameter of 38.5 feet,
with 12ft. perimeter walls and a 3 foot overhang,
has 1100 square feet of living space on each floor level.
A DecaHome having a diameter of 45 feet,
with 14ft. perimeter walls and a zero overhang,
has 1500 square feet of living space on each floor level.
This home may be built as a single story or two story home.
Cost of the "one size" DecaHome Roof Frame Kit is $12,000.
You can build the perimeter wall frames with our instructions and local materials.
There are three options for building the perimeter wall frames.
See "slide show" at bottom of page for more info.
Please e-mail our office from our home page
for more in-depth info and pricing about the DecaHome frame kit.

The following floorplan is being used for a ten-sided home now under construction in Florida.
This home has been approved in the state of Florida to conservatively tolerate 125 mph winds.

There are many options with this Central Kitchen floorplan.
The area above the living room can be left open to the roof for a dramatic high ceiling.
You may have a second level floor above or below this main level.
You can eliminate the stairs and build this home as a single story round home.
And, the deck and entry can be changed, if you wish.

The drawings below show exterior views
of our standard EconOdome building.
All listed pricing and other information on this site
refers to buildings shaped as shown just below.
Additions and canopies of many shapes and sizes
can be added after the structure is enclosed and sealed.

Our standard Faze 4 EconOdome Design
may be fitted with arched trim boards above the windows and doors as shown in the drawing.
This design accent trim also acts as a rain canal to control
rain water flowing over the EconOdome surface.

The above photo shows a dome home in Colorado built with an EconOdome frame kit.
From the outside the building looks the same, if,
framed with a T-Beam frame kit or Basic frame kit.

The Faze 3 Dome Home shown below
is a dome home kit with larger and fewer triangles.
Due to necessary extensions at the perimeter for doors and windows,
The Faze 3 Dome frame kit is more complicated and difficult to complete,
and will involve more on-site custom work.
Cost of the Faze 3 frame kit (without extensions) is the same as our standard Faze 4 (EconOdome) Basic 2x6 frame kits.
All precision cut blocking, metal strapping, and connecting screws are included with the Faze 3 frame kit.

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