This unique 3,200 square foot custom dome home is For Sale!

This home is located between the quaint towns of Sullivan and Arthur in central Illinois.
This 48 foot diameter ten side home was built with an EconOdome T-Beam Frame Kit in the year 2000.
This spacious dome building serves as both a home and an office.

The foundation and floor frame were easy to build. This simple floor frame is built above a crawl space that allows access to plumbing, electrical, & and air conditioning pipes and wires.

The riser wall for the 48 foot diameter Econ-O-Dome frame kit is begun by standing corner posts and a few 2x6 studs (35-1/2 inches long) as shown. After the corners are squared and plumbed with bracing, 2x6 studs will be positioned at 16 inches on center away from a stud in the middle of each side.
The ten 4x6 corner posts are cut to be flush on each outside corner.

The Econ-O-Dome frame kit is assembled by using a diagram and special non-splitting 3 inch screws. First the main frame is assembled and then the blocking and skylight frames are screwed and strapped into place. You can use ladders to get on the Econ-O-Dome framework and then easily & safely climb on the frame after the blocking is in place. We used this farm conveyer as a ramp, to walk up onto the frame, as it was available. The top of the conveyor is pointed at the level line at the top of the trapezoids where the framing switches to accomodate the 'drop-in-panels' that insulate and finish the upper portion of the dome.

A beautiful ceiling is created that is completed from the top-down as you climb on the Econ-O-Dome frame. The need for difficult upside-down work that requires scaffolding is eliminated. Precision-cut trim (that is attached to the Econ-O-Dome 2x6 frame) holds the panels in place and creates a very attractive design on the ceiling.

Conventional doors and windows are framed within the ten vertical trapezoids on the lower perimeter. Many skylight patterns may be created on the upper portion of the Econ-O-Dome framework.

Rooms have been built within the upper level of the Faze Change Produx dome. This space is both an attic and a large multifunctional space. 

The rooms below have a 9ft. high ceiling. The ceiling is 18ft high above the center of the loft floor. All loft floor joists and ledgers are 2x8's. All floor joists ends are glued with subfloor adhesive and attached with screws to prevent floor squeaks. The 3/4 inch thick T&G plywood single layer subfloor is also glued to the floor joists to prevent squeaks.

Rounded cornerbead called, "bullnose" is used on all outside corners to create a sculpted look. Building a short wall adjacent the stairs is a design option to building wood railings. These comfortable steps are built using two 2x8's at each step and double layer 3/4 inch plywood for the platforms. 

The T-Beam exposed wood starts at about the 9 foot above the lower floor. This is a view over the entry showing the curved ceiling with triangles outlined with wood 2x4 trim that covers the entire domed surface in the 48 foot diameter loft of our dome home.

The doors and windows on our home have small gambrel roof canopies that were built using 2x4's, osb, and Hardipanel. The polyester tape and elastomeric paint positively seals all the Hardipanel seams. We used rounded vinyl bullnose cornerbead to give the outside corners on the canopies a sculpted look.

This is us with Carol aka Sunny standing on the left and Wil on the right.

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