EconOdome Kits by MesaDome LLC


A comprehensively designed geodesic dome frame kit

Evolving Dome Home Kits for Building Round Dome Homes since 1982.
Sturdy and aerodynamic EconOdome kit built structures are
Earthquake, Storm and Fire Safer Round Homes.

Precision Cut Kit Round Homes have Ten Equal Sides.
Ten-Equal-Sided Foundation and Floor is Easier to Build.

The EconOdome frame Kit includes custom vertical framing at perimeter
for Conventional Doors and Windows at no extra charge.

Custom framing for all exterior doors, windows, and skylights
is included at no extra charge.

Extensions for doors and windows are not needed with this design.
The ten-sided perimeter can accomodate many interior floorplans.

Floorplans have many 90 degree corners for furniture and appliances.
The exterior may be reliably waterproofed
using lapping 60 mil TPO (thermoplastic) shingles or other proven waterproofing methods.

Large triangular rubbery shingles are attached
to the exterior panels at the factory.

This remarkable innovation
keeps building materials...DRY...
and the interior of your home...DRY...
during and after construction.

Pre-cut insulated and ventilated exterior triangle panels are an option.
Pre-cut triangular TPO shingles may also be ordered as an option.
Insulation installed outside the the building framework is more effective than insulation placed between framing members.

Ventilation improves energy efficiency and inhibits mold growth.
The exterior is covered like an expanding umbrella
from top to bottom, so you have a place to stand while working.

This minimizes the need for ladders & scaffolding after the frame is assembled.
Work can be done while standing on the sturdy assembled EconOdome frame kit.
EconOdome Kits, Plans, & Methods help you to build an awesome dome home.

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This information updated on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
Tom and Kandy Abbott built this dome home located in Ramah, New Mexico.
Tom is a skilled craftsman and authorized manufacturer of EconOdome Kits.

Precision Compound Cut EconOdome Kits
help people to economically construct
awesome ten-sided dome homes.

An example of what can be yours, if you wish.

An example of natural wood railings built by Tom.

Another photo of natural wood railings inside Tom and Kandy's dome home.

Many sizes and custom designs are possible.
Faze Change Produx, owned by Wil Fidroeff in Illinois
has been making EconOdome kits since 1984.
Wil and Tom now work together on the design and manufacturing of EconOdome Kits.
Wil will assist you with drawing custom plans.
And if you are building in the western part of the USA,
Tom will be manufacturing your EconOdome Kits.
If you would like to visit Tom and Kandy's dome home in Ramah, New Mexico,
contact Tom via email at or call Tom at 505-726-4616.

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Custom dome homes built with EconOdome kits can be built on the MesaBase, Rock & Block, Floor & Foundation.
All homes whether they are made with a metal frame or a wood frame
need to raised above ground level to stay dry inside.
The floor inside this dome home can be raised and leveled
and so can the area adjacent the outside of the home.
The most economical way to do this is with gravel or rubble.


Normally, it is difficult to build a floor for a building because building codes often require
a perimeter concrete footing to extend below the frostline in order to prevent the building
from moving when the ground freezes. However, there is a better way to construct a floor and foundation
for a lightweight and balanced dome, without using a massive perimeter concrete footing.
In some areas of the USA a family can build a highly energy efficient and storm safer
38.5' diameter 2,000 square foot dome home with a radiantly heated concrete floor
using just 7 cubic yards of concrete (our mesa base floor and foundation).
In other areas building codes require that all buildings have a conventional foundation
using 30 cubic yards of concrete that is mostly used under the perimeter of the building.
And such a conventional monolithic foundation is very energy inefficient due to perimeter heat loss.
As concrete costs more than $100 per cubic yard, this makes a big difference.
And using 4 times as much concrete costs at least 4 times as much in labor.
Building costs are high for many reasons. Some costs we can control.
If cost is a major concern, then you may want to consider building
with our more economical 2x4 Basic EconOdome frame kit.
And you may want to consider installing a skylight near the top of the dome instead of having a cupola.
Every time you make a choice it is very possible that you are adding to the cost of your home.
If we help you to build a dome home, it is going to be very elegant,
even if you choose to always make the most economical choice.
We call our product the EconOdome kit---
because it can be economical---not because it will be.
I just want to make sure you are aware of cost when you make choices.
If certain things are worth the additional cost to you,
then by all means we want you to have what you want.
After all is said and done
it will be your home
for a long time to come.
You can build a substantial concrete floor above a retained river rock "mesa base".
in the example shown below the retained rock base is about 8 inches deep and
extends about 3 feet to the outside of the dome perimeter.
The Backyard Dome is 24 feet in diameter with a 12 foot radius.
This means the round and level pile of gravel could be about 30 feet across with a 15 foot radius.
Rock can be easily "chuted" into place, if it is delivered by a "redi-mix" truck.
To keep weeds and grass from growing up thru the gravel, lay landscape fabric
on the ground prior to putting the gravel in place if this is possible.

To build a substantial concrete floor above the river rock gravel without building "throw-away" concrete forms,
we suggest that you make a perimeter treated wood base using treated 2x8 lumber to contain a concrete floor.
This is done by putting two layers of treated 2x8 boards flat on the gravel surface,
with the boards cut to fit and lapped at the ten corners.
The top surface of these "permanent concrete forms" will be 3 inches above the gravel surface.
A concrete floor can then be poured flush to the top of the treated boards.
The "permanent concrete forms" are installed to be flush with the outside perimeter of the riser wall kit.
The "Permanent Concrete Forms" (PCFs) are secured to the concrete floor by installing lag bolts
on the inside edge of the PCFs. We advise that the concrete floor is reinforced with wire mesh,
or, that the concrete be fiber reinforced redi-mix.
You can make the PCFs yourself with locally obtained materials, or,
we can supply you with a "Permanent Concrete Forms" kit.

Now let's build an earthquake and storm safer home using some photos taken in Illinois in 2009.

Set concrete blocks in a circle that is a few feet bigger that the dome you want to build.

Level the blocks by digging out some dirt where the blocks are too high.
Add extra blocks if necessary to accomodate the slope or to accomodate an abundance of rubble.
Space the blocks about an inch apart.
Cut notches in the top of the blocks and lay-in a ring of epoxy coated rebar.
Fill the blocks with concrete to secure the rebar and blocks permanently in-place.
Put some plastic mortor mesh against the inside surface of the blocks
to keep the gravel from escaping thru the spaces between the blocks.
Then fill the cylinder with river rock and/or concrete rubble.
You have just created a level and raised mesa that will keep your concrete floor high and dry.

Install the permanent concrete forms and dome base using treated 2x8's lapped at the corners.

Then pour three inches of fiber reinforced concrete to make your floor and secure your dome base.

Now you can frame your dome using a precision-cut EconOdome Basic 2x4 Frame Kit.

As you can see, the raised gravel mesa keeps the building dry and allows for proper drainage.

A mesa foundation creates an attractive perimeter that stays dry.

Buckminster Fuller avocated "comprehensive anticipatory design".
We at Faze Change Produx feel that a comprehensively designed and spacious dome home
can give one an uplifting feeling, and, also be--more--economical, energy efficient, and storm tolerant.

Please feel free to phone our toll free # 1-888-DOME-LUV to discuss your green dream dome home.

Small Dome on a Mesa Base?
A 24' Diameter 2x4 EconOdome
The Backyard Dome Kit with Many Uses

Pretty Party Room, Dome Home Office, GreenHouse, or Arboretum
Can be built as a permanent dome shelter above existing rubble and is Earthquake and Hurricane Tolerant.
Can be adapted for Efficient and Economical Independent Student Housing (see floorplans below)

Our 24 foot diameter Backyard Dome kit features additional 2x4 blocking supports within each of 130 triangles on the upper portion of the dome surface. The precision-cut 2x4 geodesic frame kit is exposed to the interior. The exposed interlocking hexagons and triangles on the dome ceiling create an awesome three dimensional pattern and a very strong building. Our Backyard Dome kit is modified on the lower perimeter to include vertical wall framing for conventional doors and windows. A braced four feet high, ten-sided, perimeter riser wall is constructed under the modified hemisphere to lift the dome just enough to accomodate the height of a standard pre-hung exterior door. The total height of the dome at the center is 16 feet.

Our "backyard dome kit" is designed to be assembled and enclosed by folks with no prior construction experience.
The Backyard Dome frame kit is easily assembled with screws and a battery powered drill. The exterior triangular panels may be nailed or screwed in place. Insulation sheeting is laminated to the back of the exterior cement composite panels. Exterior triangular panels may be ordered as an option, or, made with local materials. We provide complete instructions for assembling the dome frame and sealing the exterior. The exterior of the Backyard Dome may be any color that you desire. The floor may radiantly heated, if, you are building where it gets cold in the winter.

Now you can frame your dome using a precision-cut EconOdome Basic 2x4 Frame Kit.

Cost of the Basic 24 ft. diameter Backyard Dome frame kit is $5,250.
Cost of the 4' riser wall frame kit for the Backyard Dome is $800.
Cost of the pre-cut treated 2x8 "permanent concrete forms" is $400.
Pre-cut insulated triangle panels with vent space + unpainted sheetrock cost $5,000.
Two exterior pre-hung doors + three 3'x3' windows + 5ea 14"x14" skylights...cost $1,000.
130 pre-cut 60mil TPO shingles (white, tan, or gray) + contact adhesive...cost $3,000.
Pre-cut sheathing and siding with vent space...cost $3,000.
The complete shipable Backyard Dome Kits costs..........$18,450.

Your complete kit can Backyard Dome Kit can be picked up with a rental truck or
we can have it shipped to you. As we have manufacturing locations in both
Ramah, New Mexico and Sullivan, Illinois...
maximum shipping costs within the lower 48 states is about $1,800.

You may take your Backyard Dome frame kit home in a small pick-up truck or have it shipped.
See photo below of a 24' dia. 2x4 Basic Backyard Dome frame kit in a small pick-up truck.

Some 24ft. diameter Floor Plans

You can build a two-story dome home with one 24'diameter EconOdome frame kit.
A two story 24 foot diameter "fun to build" dome home can be completed for about $24,000.
We supply the EconOdome kits plus plans, written directions, and, both email and phone construction consultation.
To build this really cool dome home at this price, you need to supply the labor.
Or, you can hire help "by-the-hour" and pay more to complete this home.
All the pieces to build this home are small and lighweight.
Other than the 2x4 EconOdome frame kit (cost $5,250),
all the materials can be purchased at lumberyards, or,
local Home Improvement stores such as Menards, Home Depot, or, Lowes.
If you purchase an Econ-O-Dome roof frame kit that fits on this ten-sided building,
we will help you with instructions and consultation as necessary to complete your new ten-sided dome home.
Perhaps your live-at-home son, daughter, mother, and/or, father
would like to live more independently in an energy efficient dome home in the backyard.

Or, perhaps you live near a college and would like to benefit by providing independent housing for 2 worthy students. Do you have space on your property or an adjacent lot for a building that can fit within a 24 foot circle.

This is an under construction photo of a two story 24 foot diameter dome
that includes a 3ft high storm shelter/crawlspace below the main floor
and above a solid above grade concrete slab floor.
The underfloor storm shelter space is accessable via a trap door under the staircase.

Click here to view student housing floorplan in Hi-Def DWF format.

You may need to download a free DWF Viewer program from
The free Design Review program allows viewing of CAD drawings in dwf format.

Click here to see a complete plan set for a single story double 24' dome home in Hi-Def DWF format.

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